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Italian Pasta Dishes: How to Make Squid and Tubetti Pasta?

There are just many dishes to choose one from in the world of cuisine. What kind of dishes that you like the most? This time, let’s just talk about Italian pasta dishes here. Speaking about Italian pasta, of course you will still get various options to choose. However, there is one that I would like to recommend to you here. It is called Squid and Tubetti Pasta. Let’s see how to make this here.

The Ingredients to Prepare

Let’s start with the ingredients here. You don’t have to worry for this kind of Italian pasta dishes requires very easy ingredients to get. Anyone would want something like this, right? That is why I recommend this Italian-styled pasta dish here. Here are the ingredients you need to prepare.

  1. 8 tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil
  2. 2 finely chopped, small red onion
  3. 2 chopped chili pepper
  4. 1 pound of totani or simply squid, cut to strips
  5. 16 cherry tomatoes
  6. 2 pounds of Tubetti pasta
  7. Finely chopped, fresh Italian parsley
  8. 1 finely chopped, clove of garlic

Those are the only things you need to prepare to make this kind of Italian pasta dishes. Don’t you think they are so easy to obtain? Surely, you should be able to prepare them all within 30 minutes or less. This simple Italian menu is just easy to deal with in the kitchen. Isn’t that right?

The Direction to Follow

If you have all the ingredients prepared and you are ready to cook the ingredients to make this kind of Italian pasta dishes, I will tell you the direction you need to follow here. Of course, you can expect the direction to be easy for this is just simple pasta dish with Italian style.

  1. Heat up extra-virgin olive oil in a large pot
  2. Add red onion and chili pepper and cook until soft
  3. Add totani/squid and cook for a minute on medium heat
  4. Add squeezed tomatoes without the seeds to the pot
  5. Season with salt and cook for about 3 minutes on low heat
  6. Cook Tubetti pasta on other pot with boiling salted water for 8 minutes
  7. Drain the pasta a bit and add it to pot earlier with a bit pasta water
  8. Cook for a few seconds and add parsley and garlic
  9. Stir well and serve it

There you go. Those directions to make this kind of Italian pasta dishes shouldn’t be too hard to follow. Not to mention, you should be able to get it ready within 20 minutes which means 50 minutes needed in total of the preparation and cooking times.

Now, then, are you interested in making this kind of Italian pasta dishes? Surely, you would feel so. If you follow the recipe above, you should be capable of making up to 8 servings at most. This is a great one to choose for those with big family. As for the taste, you bet it would be tasty and you will just want to ask more. Try this dish for your loved ones.

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