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Italian Shrimp Recipes: Baked Italian Shrimp

Do you love to have seafood often? Common seafood in your region may be boring so you need to make some creation in cooking so that the seafood gets more interesting. Talking about seafood with nice taste, I think the most tempting one will be the Italian shrimp recipes. This recipe is really excellent as it will make you drool quickly. Here, what I will talk about in the Italian recipes for shrimp is the baked Italian shrimp. This is simple recipe that will give you really wonderful taste.

The Ingredients for Baked Italian Shrimp

Here are a few ingredients that you will need in the process. The ingredients will not be plenty. The difficult will be peeling the skin of the shrimp so I will recommend you to buy the shrimps which have been peeled and deveined. Here are the ingredients for the shrimp Italian recipes:

  1. 2 stick butters which are cut in dice
  2. 2 lb. raw shrimps which have been deveined and peeled
  3. Rice for serving
  4. 2 sliced lemons
  5. 2 can of tomatoes (diced and drained) (30 ounce)
  6. 2 packets of dry Italian dressing mix ( 1.4 ounce)

How to Make the Italian Baked Shrimp

Those are the materials that you need to prepare. Most of the materials are easy to be found in your town. These Italian shrimp recipes are really recommended because it also has easy steps in its creation. Here are the simple steps for making this delicious meal:

  1. Before you do any seasoning or process to the ingredients, you should heat your oven first till 375 degrees F.
  2. Now, we need to start with putting the butter which has been diced in the bottom of the dish for baking that you have. Spread the butter evenly around that area.
  3. Then, you need to put the tomato dices and lemon slices over the butter for and after that, you put the shrimps over the lemon and tomatoes.
  4. Over the shrimps, you need to put the dry Italian dressing mix and you need to sprinkle all of them evenly and carefully.
  5. After the Italian dressing mix has been sprinkled, it is time for you to bake. Put the mix of shrimp and other ingredients uncovered inside the oven for 10 minutes to 15 minutes.
  6. Watch the color of the shrimp overtime. You should keep the shrimp in well-cooked state. Overcooked shrimp will not taste good. As long as the shrimp looks pink, you need to take it out from the oven because the pink color indicates that the shrimps have been cooked.
  7. In the end, you can serve the baked shrimp with rice and sauce for having a nice meal.

It is really easy for making these recipes for Italian shrimp. The taste is really nice and so Italian so you will feel more contented for eating this food. You should also provide a few great things that will be a good company for eating the meals like the right beverages and the right dessert. Now, you do not have to doubt for trying these Italian shrimp recipes because it is easy to be done.

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