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7 Best Italian Restaurants in LA to Visit

Finding the best Italian restaurants in LA needs more effort actually. You will not know whether you will get the best Italian foods when you do not know where to find it. For that reason, here, I will give you some names of the best restaurant that you can find. They will surely provide you with various kinds of delicious foods and well service.

Angelini Osteria Restaurant

When you want to have a really wonderful fish dishes in Italian way, you need to visit this Angelini Osteria. They have really good chefs that prioritize their skill most in the seafood cooking. For getting their food more wonderful, they also create a really tongue-catching sauce that will surely make you love it really much. This best Italian restaurant in Los Angeles is located in the Beverly Boulevard.

Alimento Restaurant

If you want to have a small place with nice atmosphere in eating Italian food, this Alimento restaurant is the right choice. This place is small but they decorate it in a great way that it still will bring you with the best comfort. Their menu is actually modest but it is packed in a clever way so that it can attract the customers well. As one of the best Italian’s restaurant in LA, you surely will not be down with the taste that you get. Go to the Silver Lake Boulevard for visiting this restaurant.

Bucato Restaurant

Do you want to get the healthy noodle in Italian way? Bucato restaurant is the Italian restaurant that provides you with great noodles as the noodles are only made by the flour, water, and salt. You will also get variety of long cooked rabbit here like corzetti. Make yourself spoiled with various excellent pasta here. This Bucato is located in the Downtown Culver city.

Bestia Restaurant

Now, for getting the best beef cooking in Italian way, one of the best Italian restaurants in LA that suits that need well is bestia. The beef-heart tartare will surely make you drool. The design of the restaurant itself brings rustic and nostalgic looks that will surely ensure good comfort. This restaurant can be found in the E. 7th Place.

The Factory Kitchen Restaurant

Then, one of the Italian’s best restaurants in LA that you should visit is the Factory Kitchen. This factory kitchen is the best choice when it comes for getting seafood too. They get the best taste for the main dishes to the dessert and that is why this place is worth visiting. Go to the 3000 Factory Place for getting their foods.

Maccheroni Repulblic Restaurant

Searching for friendly Italian restaurant, the Maccheroni Republic is your best choice with their best service. Their handmade pasta is just the best. They also manage to get nice recipe for chicken soup. This restaurant is located in the S. Broadway.

Mozzaplex Restaurant

Getting all fired up for best Italian restaurants in LA will lead you to the Mozzaplex restaurant. Their favorable dishes include the tasty grilled meat and the best food from Osteria Mozza. This restaurant can be found in the Highland Ave.

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