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Re-finding the best Italian restaurant in New York City

New York City is one of the biggest city in US and every modern thing are available there. In this case, when you want to enjoy your holiday in New York, I will show you some kinds of the best Italian restaurant in New York City. Yes, nowadays, there are many choices of the Italian restaurant, which will give the different taste for you. As we know, Italian food is special with its spicy taste. Take a seat and see some great restaurants as below. It can be the nice ideas for you!

Locanda Verde

The first nice Italian restaurant in New York City, which can be the great choice for you, is the Locanda Verde. Yes, it is one of the special restaurant since its occurring in 2009. Locanda Verde has the special decoration to remind you with the classical Italian. In other hand, it also provides the special Italian menu such as the soppressata, Italian tavern, and others. What makes it special is the professional service, which will make you comfort. Call 212-925-3797 for the reservation.


Roberto’s becomes the next choices when you want to go to the great restaurant with the Italian taste. Yes, Roberto will pleasant you with the collaboration of the nice decoration of place and awesome Italian menus. In the decoration, the one of the best Italian restaurant in New York City uses the wooden and farmhouse as its style, which will bring you to feel the ancient of Rome? In other hand, the homemade pasta will give you the delicious tasting and it is different with others. Call 718-733-9503 for more details.

Ai Fiori

The next great restaurant for your choices is the Ai Fiori. It is the other kinds of the awesome Italian restaurant in New York City, which will provide the special Italian menu for you. This restaurant gets some awards from some instances because of its nice services. Here, many Italian foods, such as pasta, pizza, spaghetti, and others are available. In other hand, it also offers the lower price than other has. For the reservation, you can call 212-613-8660.


Do you want to have the delicious and fresh Italian food? Come to Bistango! This restaurant is famous with its healthy menu. With the kinds of the menus, it will be better for you who want to keep your health or for you who do the dieting program. It is one of the best Italian restaurant in New York City, so you will be easy to find it through the internet. In other hand, when you want to book the room in creating the agenda, you can call 212-725-8484.

Based on the explanation above, we all know some kinds of the great choices of best Italian restaurant in New York City. With the kinds of the special restaurant, you will be able to find the best place to taste the Italian food. See the details of it through the media and find the nearest best restaurant from your home!

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