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The Best Italian Foods in the World

Do you love to eat Italian foods? Italian foods are worldwide foods that have been recognized for its taste. Almost every country will have this Italian food in their list of foods. Not only delicious, but the Italian foods provide various kinds of ingredients that are easy to be found too. Now, talking about the deliciousness of Italian foods, I think we will have to list some best Italian foods in the world so we can find the best taste for these foods. Here are the lists of great foods that you can enjoy.

Chicken Parmigiana

If you want to have the best taste in your tongue from Italy, you should get chicken Parmigiana. This is one of the best foods from Italy that are loved from the chicken cooking. Its taste is really particular compared to any chicken cooking. Here, you will get spaghetti which is covered with really delicious and yummy sauce, and over the sauce, you get a chicken breast which has been sprinkled with grated parmesan cheese. I believe that you will drool just by looking at its picture and you will feel blessed when you get a bite over this food.

Italian Bruschetti

Simple food will not attract you much in taste but it goes differently when you find the Italian Bruschetti. This food is not only one of the best Italian foods but also simple food that you can cook easily. You just need to combine toast with prosciutto crudo and pesto sauce or basil and tomatoes which have been coated with the sauce. This food is really delicious and you can have through easy way. The nutrients which are given by this food are also plenty so it is nice for your daily foods.


Sandwiches from Italy are also one of the Italian’s best foods. These sandwiches are called as Panini by many cooks and it does taste really great. In this Panini, you will have a sandwich which is grilled with the filling of tomato, lettuce, prosciutto crudo or ham, and then you add it with pesto sauce. The taste will surely great moreover when you get the ham that comes with high qualities. With the combination of toast and ham, you will surely be able to content yourself satisfyingly.

Panna Cotta

Italy also has the best desserts that have been known around the world. These best Italian desserts are called as the Panna Cotta. This dessert name will mean backed cream when it is translated to English. The smoothness of the cream and texture in this cake is totally amazing with the cream which will melt your tongue. Berries which are added over the Panna cotta will also make you get a fresh taste that will sure make you totally satisfied.

Those are the best Italian foods that you can enjoy. You surely need to have those foods when you are visiting Italy or Italian restaurants as those are the foods that are obliged to be enjoyed when you want to know the taste of Italian foods.

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