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5 Best Italian Restaurants in Chicago to Be Visited

5 Best Italian Restaurants in Chicago to Be Visited - Chicago is a wide region and you will need a lot of effort for finding Italian restaurant. Finding itself will not be enough because you need the restaurant that can serve you with excellent Italian foods. So, in this case, we need to find the best Italian restaurants in Chicago that will bring us the taste that make us never get enough of it. Now, I will mention some recommended restaurants for you around Chicago so you can enjoy the food with great feeling.

Spiaggia Restaurant

You have to visit the Spiaggia restaurant when you want to enjoy really delicious Italian meals in Chicago. They are expert in making wonderful eating moments moreover for the Italian dining experience. They always increase their quality by adding new chefs that will provide different style of taste and new combination of Italian foods. They go with their best with all menus especially the homemade pasta and fresh crudos. This Chicago best Italian restaurant is located in the Magnificent Mile.

Osteria Langhe Restaurant

Having a great cuisine accompanied with nice wine will be acquired when you visit the Osteria Langhe. Go to the Logan Square and then order the finest wine and the most favorable Italian foods in this restaurant and you will feel really blessed for visiting or living in Chicago. Their cooking is just the best as they provide many kinds of great Italian cooking like pasta which is creamy and edge, then truffle cooking too.

Nico Osteria Restaurant
The next place in Chicago with nice Italian cooking is the Nico Osteria. Nico Osteria is located in the Gold Coast and it is totally renowned for their seafood cooking. The taste of their seafood cooking is remarkable and unbeatable. You will get the best taste from them because this is one of the exclusive restaurants in the Chicago so you need to pay more for getting their foods. As one of the best Italian restaurants in Chicago, their cooking will never let you down.

Balena Restaurant

If you are looking for the best comfort for eating, Balena Restaurant is the place that emphasizes comfort in their decoration. Balena uses really comfortable furniture for making the room warmth. Then, for the food itself, they make many wonderful recipes in their lists. The foods which you should eat in this Italian’s best restaurant in Chicago are the pizza mortadella with chili oil, smoked mackerel, and the amaro cocktails.

Formento’s Restaurant

Looking for the best Italian restaurants from Chicago that serves you with delicious classic Italian foods will surely lead you to the Formento’s Restaurant. This restaurant comes with various classic Italian menus which are cooked by expert chefs. The design of the restaurant itself is totally enchanting and pleasing. When you visit this restaurant, you need to order the shrimp scampi, chicken parmesan, and the fettuccine alfredo.

Those are the 5 best Italian restaurants in Chicago that will give you a good experience of having meal in Chicago with Italian foods. You should also prepare some good choices too that will suit your appetite. Even the nicest food will not be enough when it does not fit to your appetite.

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