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List Italian Restaurants in Chicago with Delicious Taste

Whether you are living in Chicago or just take the enjoyable holiday with your families over there, explore the culinary around the worlds is must. One of foreign cuisine you should try is the Italian foods. Luckily, there are list Italian restaurants in Chicago that you can found from internet or magazines easily. Some of popular list Italian restaurants in Chicago will be explored as follow.

List Italian restaurants in Chicago: Caro Mio restaurant 

In this place, you can enjoy from warm color and also framed art on its walls. There will be also impeccable services and outstanding choices of the foods which would make you for wishing ordered more even you can also take some of those menus in list Italian restaurants in Chicago. This Caro Mio restaurant is one of most favorite places for lots of locals and people who make it as their destinations such as for celebrations. In this restaurant, there is party room which can accommodate for about 85 guests. Yet, if you want to use the party room, you have to make reservation firstly.

List Italian restaurants in Chicago: Rosal’s 

Rosal’s must be the others choice of Italian restaurant is you are in Chicago. In fact, the fires have destroyed this restaurant but it is rebuilt and luckily it doesn’t lose its charm. With its cozy atmosphere and delicious menus offered, you will feel at home. For those who are having the program of paleo diet, you don’t have to worry since these list Italian restaurants in Chicago dedicate some meals for those who have diet program. You can select the signature fried raviolis and make sure you leave the room for the dessert.

List Italian restaurants in Chicago: Rose Angelis 

Others best list Italian restaurants in Chicago must be Rose Angelis. This restaurant is located on assuming locations in Lincoln Park. Probably, it is not quite famous as it is compared with others Italian eateries yet you will feel at your home as you enter this restaurant. It is one of list Italian restaurants in Chicago that offers special menus for the dishes which will change every week. It includes soup, pizza, salad, pasta, and also manicotti.

In addition, the desserts in Rose Angelis are cooked daily at house. You can try Mezzalune al Burro. It is a kind of spinach pasta half-moon stuffed with pesto and ricotta that is served in seasoned browned butter sauces with the sun dried tomato, parmesan cheeses, and also toasted pines nuts. As you come to these list Italian restaurants in Chicago, you can complete the meals with a bottle from the reserve wine lists. By this, you will get totally Italian evening feel at your home.

To sum up, for those who want to make quality time with family members, you can look for family style Italian restaurant which is usually designed as a place in cozier atmosphere and more personal. Luckily, on the list Italian restaurants in Chicago, you can find the one in family style depend on your preferences. Compare some options are must in order to make sure that you get the best option by means of price and place.

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