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DRAGO Centro for the stylish choice

In choosing the Italian restaurant in US, the DRAGO Centro can be the one of the nice place for you. It is kind of the special restaurant, which will pleasant you with the collaboration of the nice menu and great look in its decoration. So, when you stay here to enjoy your meal, you do not only get the delicious meal but also the comfortable sense by its d├ęcor. This restaurant is nice to gather with your family, or to meet with your friends in an important agenda. Now, some points below will lead you to know the details of this restaurant.

Simple design for modern class

In overall, this restaurant uses the modern as the concept of it. With the modern concept, you will see the fresh room for your earing time. The owner uses some glassed walls to make it look clean and bright. In other hand, the nice chair – with the simple arrangement welcome you when you are entering the DRAGO Centro. To higher the awesome effect of this decoration, the wooden floor is accepted with the nice look. The combination of the wood – with its brown color, red, white and some black additional of the decoration lead you to remember about Milan in Italia. It will make you feel like home.

Italian taste in special menus

Now, we move to talk about the Italian menus in DRAGO Centro restaurant. Some kinds of the great menus are available here. For the lunch menu, you can choose the La Zuppa. It is the special lunch with the combination of roasted pumpkin soup and herb madeleine. The price of it is only $10. In other hand, for the alternative, you can choose the La Buratta. It is the special lunch menu with the combination of Buratta, crostini, carrot, and balsamic. The price of it is around $12. Besides the lunch menus, you also can choose the dinner menus and bar food menus. See the list to know the details of it and its price.

Reward for the restaurants

I will show you some rewards, which are given to this restaurant for some instances. The reward here can be used as the proof that the DRAGO Centro restaurant is one of the recommended choices for you and your family. What are the rewards of this restaurant? In the national level, DRAGO Centro gets the Top 10 Italian Restaurant in the US. It is one of the prestigious rewards from the governor of US. In other hand, it also gets the rewards from the local instance, such as the Top 10 LA Business Dining Restaurants, Top 10 LA Craft cocktail Bars & Restaurants, and other. Moreover, in 2016, this restaurant gets the 2016 Best LA New Year’s Eve Restaurants!

By the explanation above, you can see that the DRAGO Centro is one of the nice choices for you. When you want to go there with your family, you can go to the 1738 Pearl St (17th St) Boulder. This restaurant also provides the meeting room when you want to make an agenda there.

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