Kamis, 02 Maret 2017

Del Posto: a high-class restaurant

Attending the special restaurant in enjoying the dinner menu is one of the great ideas. Yes, the details of the restaurant will influence the sense, especially when you want to gather with your family or friend. In US, actually, many Italian restaurants are available and you can choose it as your choice. However, you cannot deny Del Posto as the one of the great choices there. This restaurant is one of the great choice, which has a nice combination in awesome room design and the delicious beverages,
which will pleasant you. Are you curious with this restaurant? See some details of it below!

Italian sense in decoration

As I have said before, besides its delicious beverages, Del Posto restaurant has the great decoration in its rooms. Italian decoration is nice with the collaboration of the classical color with the modern stuff. Inside the Del Posto, you will see the operatic palazzo there. The operatic palazzo leads you to know about the Italian gastronomy. In other hand, the room of this restaurant is also nice with the terrazzo floor – the traditional floor from Italia, wrought-iron balconies and the owner also will play the instrumental song to accompany you in enjoying your meal. Having dinner in this restaurant will be the great experience for you and families!

Awesome choices in menus

For the next section, let us talk about the menus of this restaurant. Actually, the menus of Del Posto are divided into three divisions, as the lunch menu, dinner menu and the dessert one. However, we will talk about the lunch menu just as the example for you. In lunch menu, you may choose the Insalata Inverno. It is one of the special slow roasted tubers, which is combined with Salva Cremaso and Italian Spices. In other hand, for you who love sea food, the lobster alla cesare can be the nice antipasti menu for you. The lunch menu in Del Posto restaurant is priced around 49, each menu.

Awards for the quality

Because of the delicious menus and the nice decoration, this restaurant gets some awards, which also can be the proof of its quality. In the national level, this restaurant gets the Top 10 Italian Restaurant in US. With the national-leveled award, you do not need to worry about the quality. In other hand, Del Posto restaurant also get some kinds of the local award, such as the Top 10 NY Italian Restaurant. This award leads you to know that this restaurant is famous in their society. One more award is the 2016 best NY New Year’s Eve Restaurant as the newest award of it. See, how great it is!

Well, the explanation as above can be the proof that Del Posto restaurant can be the great choice when you want to taste the Italian sense in US. For you who want to go there, you can directly go to 85 Tenth Ave, New York, US. Ask your friend to enjoy the Italian food here. It will be a nice moment for you!

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