Kamis, 02 Maret 2017

Babbo for the Legendary Italian Restaurant

Sometimes, enjoying meal in the legendary restaurant can be the great idea when you are bored with the decoration of the modern restaurant. One of the legendary Italian restaurants in US is Babbo. Yes, Babbo restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in US, which survive until nowadays. Enjoying the meal in this restaurant will be the special moment because you are also able to learn about the history of this restaurant. The owner says that this restaurant exists in 1998. Now, it is 16 years. With the large of the place, I recommend this restaurant when you want to create some agendas.

Enjoying meal with seeing the old Italia

As I have said before, Babbo is one of the oldest Italian restaurants in US. To higher the sense of Italia, the owner of this restaurant applies the Italian style of the decoration. You can see the classical theme becomes the basic decoration there. The use of the wood as the basic material of the properties also important to create the effect. Still talking about the decoration of the Babbo restaurant, the calm color in the wood will lead you to feel the ancient Rome. By the details of the decoration, although you are in US, you will feel that you are in Italia!

Special features for the comfortable restaurant

After talking about the decoration of this restaurant, know we will talk about the features of the restaurant. The detail of the features also will influence the sense when you are staying there. What are the nice features of the Babbo restaurant to pleasant the customer? The first is the large main room. With the large main room, you will have more space in enjoying your meal. In other hand, the large parking area also will ease you to arrange your vehicle there. As the development of the tech, the owner of this restaurant also applies the Wi-Fi to support your connection!

Special Italian menu for any occasion

Another most common consideration thing in choosing the best restaurant is the menus of it. Here, you do not need to worry because Babbo, as the one of the great Italian restaurant in US, will pleasant you with the great menu. The special menu of this restaurant is the pasta dishes. The delicious pasta will be the great menu especially when you want to have lunch there. However, how about the other menu here? When you want to have a nice menu in gathering with your friend – and enjoying coffee, you can choose the Potatopia. For knowing the details of menu, please see the list of it.

In conclusion, we all know that the Babbo restaurant as above is one of the great choice when you want to enjoy the Italian sense in your meal. When you – with your friend or family, want to go there, you can directly go to 110 Waverly Place, new York, NY 10011. Then, for the reservation, especially when you want to create agenda there, you can call 212-777-0303.

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