Kamis, 02 Maret 2017

Nice collaboration of European and Italian in No. 9 Park

For the first when people see the name of this restaurant – the No. 9 Park, I am sure that they will little bit confused. Yes, it is because the name of this restaurant is unusual. However, the unusual name does not decrease the quality of it. As the title above, the No. 9 Park restaurant will pleasant you with the combination of the European and Italian. In its decoration, the European sense will lead you to have the modern and high-end restaurant. In other hand, the Italian food will pleasant you with its delicious taste. I recommend you to go to this restaurant in your spare time.

Luxurious decoration for the special person

Talking about No. 9 Park, the very first thing that you need to know is the decoration of it. The details of the restaurants – the decoration and its properties, will influence the sense when you are staying there. I think the owner of this restaurant knows what to do in order to pleasant the customers. The owner applies the modern properties there with the calm color. The modern properties bring the customer to feel the latest development of furniture. In other hand, the calm color inside the No. 9 Park restaurant keeps the classical and it will give the high aesthetic value for the customers.

Special menu for unforgettable taste

What make I recommend you to go to this restaurant is because of its menu. Yes, the owner of the No. 9 Park provides many kinds of the special menus for you, which will bring you a delicious Italian taste in your food. The menus are divided into several kinds, such as the Chef’s tasting, the Bar menu, and the Prix-Fixe menu. In average, the prices of each menu are around $120, based on the detail of it. Then, the price of the wine in pair is around $80. Some examples of the menu in Chef’s tasting part are the Yellow Hiramasa Crudo, Atlantic Black Bass, Eikorn Tortellini, and others.

Prestigious rewards for nice service

I am sure that the service of the restaurant becomes the other consideration when you want to choose your favorite. Here, you do not need to worry because the No. 9 Park restaurant provides the nice and friendly service. Because of the special service, this restaurant gets some rewards from different instances. In 2009-2010, this restaurant becomes the Top 40 restaurant in US. In other hand, it also gets the national rewards as the Top 10 Italian Restaurant in US. The reward of this restaurant is also coming from the local instance, as the Top 10 Boston Best Restaurant! How great it is!

Now, you do not need to confuse when you want to choose the nice Italian restaurant because No. 9 Park can be the great consideration for you. When you want to go to this restaurant, you can directly go to 9 Park St. (Tremont St.) Boston, MA 02108. For reservation room, you can call 617-742-9991. Have a nice Italian meal then!

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