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Portofino: The Cozy Restaurant for Nice Dinner

There are many choices when you want to look for the Italian restaurant in US. Many restaurants are available with the different detail although they sell the Italian menu. One kind of the special Italian restaurant, which you can choose for the alternative, is Portofino. Portofino restaurant is one of the famous Italian restaurants in US, which has the cozy Italian charmer to pleasant their customers. This restaurant has a nice feature for you, such as the valet parking, the garage, full bar, and others. To know the more detail of this restaurant, please read some details of it below.

Elegant decoration for the comfortable dinner

Since this restaurant is special for dinner, the owner decorates it with the nice sense to give the comfortable place for you. The owner of Portofino provides the large longue, which can be used to enjoy your dinner meal. In other hand, it uses the traditional as the theme of the decoration. The calm color is adapted in the way to lead you feeling the ancient of Rome. However, the owner also applies kinds of the modern stuff and properties to make you know that it also has the high development. It is recommended for you who like the cozy place for dinner.

Awesome dinner menu

As I have talked before, Portofino is one of the great restaurants to enjoy the dinner. With the cozy place, you will find the best moment with your family or friends. In other hand, Portofino restaurant also provides the great menus for you. Some kinds of the great menus of this restaurant, which will pleasant you are vegetable egg rolls, which has the high nutrition and is nice for diet. Then, when you want to enjoy gathering with friends, you can choose the crisp shiitake mushrooms or barbecued spare ribs. This restaurant has the variety in price. See the list to know the details of it.

Appreciation from many instances

Now, I want to show you some awards of the Portofino restaurant from some different instances. The kinds of the appreciation or awards there can be used as the proof that this restaurant has the high quality to pleasant you, as their customer. It is impossible for a restaurant to get the award except they have the excellent level in service. This restaurant gets the Top 10 Italian Restaurant in US. It is one of the prestigious awards because it was a national level. In other hand, in 2016, this restaurant gets the Best Las Vegas Romantic restaurants. Can you imagine how nice it is?

The combination of the details in decoration, nice menus and some appreciations can be the reason why you need to add it as the one of the favorite Italian restaurant inn US. Here in Portofino, when you want to enjoy dinner with your friends or families in this restaurant, you can go directly to 3400 Las Vegas Blvd. S. (Spring Mountain Rd.) Las Vegas, NV 89109. Then, when you want to reserve the meeting room in having the private agenda, you can call 702-791-7354.

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