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The Top Italian Restaurants in New York City

Walking around the New York City and want to find the most delicious Italian restaurant? You should visit some place that will provide you with that restaurant. If you are newcomer or someone who never goes out, here, I will give you a direction for finding the Italian restaurants in New York City that will give you delicious and satisfying Italian foods. These are the choices that you should take for getting the nicest Italian foods around New York City.

Frankies 457 Spuntino Restaurant

For getting the first stop of best Italian restaurants in New York City, you should drive your car to the Carroll Gardens and visit the Frankies 457 Spuntino. You want to get excellent Italian taste with friendly prices, isn’t it? This restaurant is really renowned for its fine food and great prices. The Italian foods are affordable here and the taste is quite wonderful especially for you who want to find the Italian food with cheese or cured meats. When you visit this restaurant, you must have a try with their best Cavatelli combined with browned sage butter and hot sausage. They are just the best.

Locanda Verde Restaurant

Then, when you want to get average prices with nice decoration in your Italian restaurants in New York City, you can drive to Tribeca district and stop by the Locanda Verde. This is an exclusive Italian restaurant that you can visit around Tribeca. They get excellent menu there especially for the well-liked octopus tentacles cooking. They are also renowned for the skill in making desserts for you as the cake which is made here is really rich tasting and smooth in texture.

Marta Restaurant

The best NYC Italian restaurant in the midtown will be the Marta Restaurant. With friendly price, you surely find many kinds of delicious Italian menus in this place. They are best at making Italian pizza with many additional tastes which are made by the excellent chefs in that restaurant. You need to visit this place when you are in the midtown and have a try to their favorable menus like the crispy guanciale and the pies like Margherita and napoletana. You will come out from this restaurant with wide smile and nice experience in midtown.

Peasant Restaurant

The last place that you should visit for the Italian restaurant in NYC is located in Nolita. This restaurant is the Peasant Restaurant. The atmosphere of this place is really pleasing and enjoyable as it brings a fairy tale atmosphere in the restaurant. Then, they provide many rustic dishes for giving stronger classic aura in the room and the most important part; they provide many Italian foods with high quality of taste. The best part is that they use the wood-burning oven that provides really authentic taste in their cooking.

As you have known about the top Italian restaurants in New York City, it is time for you to visit that place. You will never regret for visiting those restaurants because there are a lot of great foods wait for you there. Go there with your family or mate and you will have unforgettable experience.

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