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Enjoying night in Frasca Food and Wine

Do you want to look for the one of special Italian restaurants in US, which has the great place and delicious menus? Yes, although there are many Italian restaurants in US, you can add the Frasca Food and Wine as the choices of you. It is one of the great restaurants with the nice concept. The combination of the classical decoration with the modern stuff will bring you to have the comfortable place to stay. In other hand, this restaurant is nice when you want to enjoy your night with your friend. Some kinds of Italian wine are available but you need to control yourself in drinking!

Classical look in modern concept

As I have said before, this restaurant has the nice concept in its decoration. Although in overall it uses the modern concept – by the modern stuff, chair, table and wall accessories, you are still able to see the classical look there. In its decoration, the owner of Frasca Food and Wine restaurant uses the light brown as the basic color of the wall. Then, they use the gradation of brown to make the appearance of the decoration nice. The use of the brown as the basic color reminds us with the classical era. It also will bring our imagination to flight to Rome, Italia.

Special menus list for family and friend

For the second point, let us try to know the menus of this restaurant. As the one of the Italian restaurant, Frasca Food and Wine lead you to have the special menus with the taste of Italia. In the dinner menu, Frasca Food and Wine restaurant provide the Prosciutto di San Daniele Riserva. This special menu is priced around $18. Then, for the small food, you can choose the spiced almond, peanut and cashew, which is priced $6. For the PRIMI menus, the ravioli and the rigatoni can be the nice choices for you. See the list of the menu to know the more detail about it.

Rewards of the proof of quality

Because of the nice service, Frasca Food and Wine get many kinds of rewards. You can see the rewards as the one of the proofs that this restaurant is nice and recommend for your family and friends. Since 2008 to 2015, Frasca Food and Wine restaurant becomes the Top 40 restaurant in US! It is one of a prestigious reward of the restaurant. In other hand, it also becomes the best Colorado Mountain Romantic Restaurant in 2016 and Best Colorado Mountain Valentine’s Restaurant in the same year. In the National level, it also becomes the one of top 10 Italian restaurants in US!

Now, after reading some details of this restaurant, you can add it as the next list in your favorite restaurant. Here, when you want to go there to enjoy your meal, you can go to 1738 Pearl St. (17th St.). There are several meeting rooms, which you can choose to have the private agenda with your family or friends.

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