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7 Best US Italian Restaurants to Visit

In United States, there are actually many Italian restaurants that have competed for getting the top of glory. Each of the restaurants innovates to attract the attention of the customers so they will become the most favorable one among others. Now, talking about the most favorable, I think I will show you 7 best US Italian Restaurants that you can visit.

Bar La Grassa Restaurant
This is a great place for finding many good Italian foods that have been mixed with other excellent taste. The chefs in this place are really handy and creative for making new taste. If you visit this place, you will need to taste the simple spaghetti with pine nuts and red wine and the gras tortellini. This restaurant is located in Minneapolis.

Zeppoli Restaurant
Do you want to have a nice dessert and main dishes in your visit to the US best Italian restaurants? The right choice will be Zeppoli restaurant. This restaurant comes with really nice pastas and spaghettis. You also have nice booze in this place. This place is located in Collingswood NJ.

Café Spiaggia Restaurant
The next choice will come from Chicago. The Café Spiaggia is really favorable among many people who want to get homemade pasta. Their best menus are the bucatini with spicy nduja and the gnocchi with boar ragu. This place is strongly recommended for pasta lovers.

Nostrana Restaurant
When you want to have high varieties in your Italian foods each week, you should visit Nostrana. Nostrana will change the menus according to the fluctuation of demands to the menu. Although it changes continuously, they still get so many customers because their cooking is just great and make them as one of the best US Italian Restaurants. This restaurant is located in the Northland, OR.

Erbaluce Restaurant
Boston has the erbaluce restaurant as the member of best United States Italian restaurant. The Erbaluce is favored for the roasted meats that they make. They can make a smooth texture to any meat that is easy to be eaten. The wine in this place is also remarkable in your tongue.

Delfina Restaurant
Delfina is a great place for you. This place is located in San Francisco. Delfina is renowned for their fresh pasta that has a great taste. They also have an interchangeable menu every day for getting different atmosphere in the foods. You should visit this best Italian restaurant in United States.

Bestia Restaurant
City of Angels has Bestia for the best restaurant. This place is supported with great chefs for getting to the best rank. The foods which are really favored here are the puffy pizza crust which is combined with mozzarella cheese. Homemade pasta in this place is also excellent choice.

Those are the 7 best US Italian Restaurants that you need to visit when you are Italian food lovers. Each of them has its own advantages compared to other and that is why those restaurants are considered even. They provide the best foods for customers and that is the key.

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