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5 Top Italian Restaurants in United States

United States is the nation where many kinds of ethnicity exist and, for that reason, you will also find many kinds of food. Among many foods, here, we will talk about the Italian foods because Italian foods have been renowned for its wonderful taste around the world. Now, as you know that it is delicious and addicting, your only concern is only finding the restaurants and here are the 5 top Italian restaurants that you can find in United States.

Coppa Restaurant
For the first stop, go to the Coppa Restaurant for getting the great taste of Italian foods. The Coppa Restaurant is located in Boston. They get really crafty chefs in their kitchen and that reason becomes the source of success that Coppa has reached now. When you visit this best Italian restaurant, you need to taste the urchin panino, ravioli, and pizza boasting roasted beef heart.

Domenica Restaurant
When you drive your car to New Orleans, you will also bump to one of the Italian’s top restaurants named the Domenica Restaurant. Domenica restaurant comes with excellent Italian foods and authentic beer from Italy. The best foods that they have are the pizza and pasta and the one that you should not miss is the ribollita as the star in this restaurant.

Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen Restaurant
The next place that you should visit for your top Italian restaurants is the Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen. This is a restaurant that comes with really great cooking of Italian with homey recipes. They provide Italian-American cooking in a really special ways. When you visit this place, you should not forget to taste the homey blueberry pie, shitake, and the Serrano chiles. This restaurant is located in the Memphis Tennessee.

Delfina Restaurant
Let us head to the San Francisco for finding our Italian’s best restaurant there. This restaurant comes with great traditional fashion for their decoration. There are a lot of extraordinary menus offered here. For example, they serve the fish, braised meat, and fresh pasta in their menus. The best one that you should not miss from this excellent restaurant is their garganelli, pancetta-wrapped rabbit saddle, and the thin-crust pizzas that they have.

Bestia Restaurant
We should not forget the city of angels because it is sure that that region will be blessed with great Italian restaurant too. One and only Bestia is located in the Los Angeles and they have really good chefs that will cook great meals for you. They are expert in making puffy pizza crust and homemade pastas that will provide nice taste. You should not forget to taste their pastry because they are best around the town.

Those are the 5 top Italian restaurants in United States that will provide you with delicious and satisfying Italian foods. They get really good tastes in their food and it will surely make you feel so much addicted and satisfied. You can find different kinds of best foods in different restaurants so you should also follow the suggestions for menus to get the real taste of the restaurant’s cooking.

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