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4 Great Los Angeles Italian Restaurant

Do you want to find a good place for eating Italian foods around Los Angeles? If you want it, here I will give you some good advices for the restaurants that you should visit. You can randomly visit Italian restaurant because you will end up regretting the taste when you get the wrong restaurant. Here, I will give you some suggestions for the great Los Angeles Italian restaurant that will provide the best tastes for their cooking. The following restaurants have been acknowledged for their quality in the taste or services.

Sotto Restaurant

Now, you need to drive your car to the Pico Boulevard and stop by the Sotto restaurant. This restaurant is our first pit stop for getting the best LA Italian restaurant. This place is specialized in making Italian foods from meat. They can cook meat in a soft way that eating meat will not be a hard work anymore. Their chefs are completely great cooks that have mastered the great art of making Italian meals. You should order their pizza, porchetta, and Calabria sausage for tasting the real excitements.

Drago Centro Restaurant

When you enjoy great foods, you can enjoy more wonderful experience of eating with gorgeous and fascinating cityscape from the Drago Centro Restaurant. The view that you get will make you feel amazed and the food itself will make you feel happy. In this Los Angeles Italian restaurant, you will be able to get the finest product of pasta with various tastes. The pasta will make you feel really happy as it is soft and yummy. The best one among the menus here is the Sicilian almond pesto and you should get it when you go in Drago Centro. This place is located in S. Flower St.

Alimento Restaurant

Zack Pollack has made a great debut in the competition of Italian restaurant in LA and he has got the name in his Alimento. Alimento is actually a small restaurant but because the taste is remarkable. This restaurant can be found in the Silver Lake Boulevard. These restaurants will not only provide you with nice foods, you will also get nice beverages in this restaurant.

Bucato Restaurant

Now, let us head to the great Italian restaurant in Los Angeles with the Bucato Restaurant. This restaurant is located in the Helms Ave, Culver City. They have various unique Italian cooking such as the long cooked rabbit named corzetti and flexbile pasta which is acquired for Liguria. They specialize in making noodles which hare delicious and healthy. They only use the flour, salt, and water for the noodles which make them really productive.

Those are the lists of the great Los Angeles Italian restaurant that will provide you best foods. You will get better taste when you can get their best cooking as each of the restaurant will surely has specialty that differ from one another. Those restaurants are the best among the rests so you need to visit them when you are truly want to enjoy Italian foods at the finest state.

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