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Feeling the calmness of Italian in Acquerello

Since the detail of restaurant will influence the sense of your eating time, it is important for you to find the special restaurant, which will give the great sense for you, especially when you are in the special moment with friends and families. Italian restaurant is one of the best choices because we know the excellent chef comes from Italy. Acquerello can be the next list to taste the calmness of Italian when you are in California. What will I get here? Please read the whole writing of it below.

Nice classical decoration 

What makes the Acquerello restaurant is its decoration in the main room. Sometimes, the decoration of room becomes the consideration when people want to have the enjoy dinner with their friends family. Using the classic as the theme of the decoration, this restaurant becomes one of the special choices in US for you. In the main room, you will see the use of brown – with some gradations color, as the main color of it to higher the sense of classical. In other hand, the owner uses the vague light to give the romantic sense for you. The classical d├ęcor is also increased by the use of wood as the material of chair and table. To make you feel more comfort there, the owner is often playing the instrumental songs.

Special Italian menus

Now, we move to talk about the menu of this restaurant. Since Acquerello is one of the Italian restaurants in US, you will find many choices of Italian menu there. The menu is divided into several choices. For the prix fixe menu, you need around $95 to $140 each menu when you want to taste it. For people who want to have the beef menu, I think the Black Angus Beef Tartare can be the special choice. This menu is special because it is combined by beef tendon, chickpea, black olive and also the egg yolk. In other hand, you need to taste the Acquerello risotto, which is special with the Prosecco-mussels and other. See the complete menu in its catalogue. Remember, all menus have the high health standard. Don’t worry with it!

Awards of restaurant

This restaurant gets some awards, which can be used as the proof of its quality. What are the awards of Acquerello? In 2012, this restaurant gets the Top 10 New Year’s Eve restaurants. It is one of the valuable awards and it is only given for the special restaurant in US. Then, in the national level, this restaurant is also gifted with the Top 10 Italian Restaurants in US. In other awards, this restaurant gets some local awards such as Top 10 SF Italian Restaurant, Top 10 SF Romantic Restaurants, and Top 10 SF Special Occasion Restaurant. In 2016 – as the newest award, this restaurant gets 2016 best RF Romantic Restaurants!

Now, you already know about the profile of Acquerello restaurant, which will be nice choice to enjoy your dinner. In this case, when you want to go there, you can directly go to Polk Gulch, San Francisco, California.

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