Kamis, 02 Maret 2017

Chev Vola’s: The Old Choice with Exclusive Class

Nowadays, finding the older Italian restaurant in US is rather difficult. It is because there are many kinds of the newer Italian restaurant, which can be the list of the customer. However, when you want to go to the older Italian restaurant with the high-class service and exclusive detail, I offer you to go to the Chev Vola’s. Yes, it is one of the older Italian restaurants and it was opened firstly around 85 years ago! What is the special matter inside this restaurant? The owner of the Chev Vola’s restaurant is someone who knows well about architecture. You will find the best decoration with Italian theme here.

The secret room inside the restaurant

As I have said before, the Chev Vola’s is one of the great restaurants with the exclusive class. There
are several matters, which bring this restaurant as the one of the special choice for you. Actually, it is the family-owned restaurant and they offer the special service for every customer. This restaurant has the secret side door. It will make you have the great and private room in enjoying the meal. In other hand, the old theme of the decoration will bring you fly to the ancient Rome. However, the owner says that you need to make reservation before go there.

Special menu with delicious taste

Although this restaurant is one of the older Italian restaurants in US, the owner will provide many kinds of the food choices for you. The kinds of foods are special to pleasant your tongue. As the original of Italian, Chev Vola’s restaurant provides the Carmine’s for you. It is the special spaghetti, which the special sausage. In other hand, when you want to have the complete menu, you can choose the palm as your choice. The owner also provides some snack and wine to accompany you in gathering with your friends and families. You may see the food list to know the details.

The features you may get

Besides the secret room, as I have said to you before, you may get some great features when you
enter the Chev Vola’s. The large room inside the restaurant will give the more comfortable place for you. In other hand, in its yard, the owner provides the large parking area, so you will be easy in arranging your vehicle. In other hand, you need to know that this restaurant has been became the 21 best Italian restaurant in US! It is one of the prestigious awards, which show that this restaurant has great services. I recommend this restaurant for you.

Based on the explanation above, we all know that Chev Vola’s is one of the special choice when you want to taste the special menu of Italian food. In this case, when you want to go to this restaurant, you can go directly to the 111 S Albion PI, Atlantic City, New Jersey 080401. Then, for the reservation, you can call 609.345.2022. Call it soon or you need to wait your schedule!

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