Kamis, 02 Maret 2017

Seeing beautiful twilight in Armani’s

Are you looking for the great Italian restaurant in US? Now, you can add the Armani’s in your wish list, as the kinds of the great Italian restaurant as your favorite. This restaurant is special because it does not only provide the nice menu as the choices and consideration to taste the best beverages with your family but also offer you the beautiful twilight as the natural surface to accompany the eating time! When you choose this restaurant as your choice, you will get the sensation of eating nice beverages in the top of the Grand Hyatt hotel! It is one of the rare chances and not everyone can do it.

Luxurious and modern restaurant

The first consideration when you want to choose this restaurant as your favorite is the design of it. Yes, Armani’s restaurant has a nice decoration, which will pleasant you in staying there. In overall, this restaurant uses the combination of the luxurious and modern concept. You will find many kinds of the modern stuff there, such as the sofa, and others, which use the stainless steel as its material. As I have said before, Armani’s is nice with its beautiful twilight. Inside the restaurant – it is in 14th floor of Hyatt Hotel, there is a big glass window to see the occurring of the twilight. It will be a nice surface!

Special dinner menu

Since the afternoon – or the earlier night, is the best time to attend in this restaurant, Armani’s restaurant provides the special dinner menus for their customer with the Italian sense. Something that you need to know here is you are able to taste the sample of every menu and it is free! For the first menu, you can choose Salumi and Cheese. It is one of the choices of antipasti Misto, which is one of the classical menus in this restaurant. The price of it is around $18. In other hand, for the Insalata E Zuppa menu, Granchio – a jumbo lump crab, which is combined by truffle pea puree, can be a nice choice. See the list to know the details of the menu.

Awards of restaurant

Because of the great service and nice menus, this restaurant gets some awards, which can be the proof that it is one of the special Italian Restaurant in US. In the national level, Armani’s get the Top 10 Italian Restaurants in US. With this national-leveled award, you could know that this restaurant has the high quality. In other hand, for the local awards, this restaurant gets some of it, such as Top 10 Tampa Bay Best Restaurant, Top 10 Tampa Bay Romantic Restaurant, and Top 10 Tampa Bay Wine List Restaurant. In 2016, this restaurant also gets some nice awards, as the 2016 Best Tampa Bay Romantic Restaurant. How great it is!

Based on some details as above, you already know the profiles of Armani’s restaurant. I think, it can be the best choice for you and family. To go there, you can directly go to the Tampa Bay and look for the Grand Hyatt hotel.

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