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Spiaggia for Executive Class in Italian Restaurant

Since there are many choices of Italian restaurant in US, you have more chance to find the great restaurant, as you want. The kinds of the Italian restaurant provides the different detail, which will pleasant you as the customer. One of the special restaurants is Spiaghia. Spiaghia restaurant is one of the special restaurants for the executive class. It has the great furniture, which will lead you to feel the development of modernity. In other hand, it also has some great features to pleasant you such as the valet parking, the full bar, private room, great wine, and others. Now, let us try to know the more details of it.

Modern properties for the awesome decoration

As I have said before, this restaurant is one of the great Italian restaurants in US, which has the modern concept of the decoration. The chrome – it may come from the natural color of the stainless steel, becomes the basic color of the decoration. The great basic color will make the Spiaghia becomes one of the special restaurant. In other hand, the arrangement of the table is also unique. The owner of the Spiaghia restaurants knows that in enjoying the meal, customer will be happy when they are able to see the nice surface. Based on this fact, the chair is arranged near the big glass wall, so you are able to see the high building around the restaurant.

Varieties menu for nice choices

What make Spiaghia restaurant nice is the varieties of its menus. In overall, the menus are divided into several divisions, such as the Prix Fixe menus, the A La Carte, the Dessert menus, and the Wine list. Of course, by the great choices, you will be able to have the colorful tasting of the Italian food there. To make you curious, I will give some examples of the menus. In the prix fixe menu, you can see the Tartufo part. It is the part of menu, which is priced around $250. In this menu, you can choose some foods, such as Focaccia, Chestnut, Gnocchi, Caviar, Risotto, and others. Just imagine it!

Reward for the great services

In order to make you sure about this restaurant, now I will show you some kinds of the rewards of this restaurant from several instances. The rewards can be the proof that it has the nice service to pleasant you. What is the reward of Spiaghia restaurant, which we can know? In the national level – it is the reward from the government of US; this restaurant becomes the top 10 Italian restaurant in US. In other hand, it also has several kinds of the local awards, such as the Top 10 Chicago Special Occasion restaurant and Top 10 Chicago Romantic Restaurant. With all awards, you do not need to worry in choosing it!

For you who want to enjoy your meal in Spiaghia restaurant, you can directly go to One Magnificent Mile, 2nd Floor, 980 N. Michigan Ave. (Oak St.) Chicago, IL 60611. Then, for the reservation – when you want to book the private room or something else, you can call 312-280-2750.

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