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Italian Seafood Recipes: Spicy Clams with Tomatoes

Talking about food that will always make us bored will surely lead us to the spicy food. Spicy food does give a really interesting taste that challenges and pleases us at the same time. Now, by getting the right choices to the spicy cooking that we do, we will surely get a really nice taste to be enjoyed every day. Here, I am actually talking about the Italian seafood recipes with spicy taste. Now, to get more interesting recipes for Italian seafood, I will tell you about the simple spicy food that will amaze your sense of taste. The name of this food is the spicy clams with tomatoes.

Ingredients for Spicy Clams with Tomatoes

The ingredients that you will need for these seafood Italian recipes will not be many. You surely will get a good time for finding the ingredients. You can also get some bread for additional pair for this food because bread will let you have fuller and softer spicy taste. Now, here are what you need for cooking this spicy food:

  1. 4 pounds of cockles (soft clams) which is rinsed well
  2. a half cup of dry wine
  3. a half cup of parley (finely chopped)
  4. a half cup of extra virgin olive oil
  5. a teaspoon of red pepper (crushed)
  6. 4 tablespoons of garlic (chopped finely)
  7. 4 medium plum tomatoes ( coarsely chopped, seeded, and peeled)

How to Make the Spicy Clams with Tomatoes

Now, it is time to get the cooking process. Here, we get the cockles instead of common clams because the taste of these clams is less sandy and soft. The preparation that you need will not take much tie and the cooking process will also last for a short time. Now, here is the process for these Italian seafood recipes:

  1. You can start your process by heating olive oil in large and deep skillet then add the crushed red pepper and garlic.
  2. Stir the garlic and pepper for about one minute till you feel the pleasing fragrance from those materials, and then, you need to add the tomatoes that you have prepared.
  3. When you have added the tomatoes, fire up heat to high heat and break the tomatoes down for about two minutes in the mixtures.
  4. Then, add wine in the mixture and boil it till the amount of mixture reduced to half.
  5. Put the cockles once the amount is halved and then stir it well till the cockles open. This commonly will take time for about five minutes.
  6. In the end, put the cockles in the bowls that you prepare and sprinkle the parley that you have chopped before. Serve it while it is hot with bread that you buy before.

Those are the steps that you can do for getting these Italian seafood recipes. The steps can be done easily as it is really simple. You do not have to perform it long and I am sure with the right amount of seasons like what is mentioned in the ingredients, the result of these seafood recipes from Italia will be really satisfying.

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