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Italian Desserts List as New Ideas for Your Dessert

Definitely, Italian foods have many fans and one of many delicious varieties of the Italian food is Italian desserts list. The Italian desserts come generally in wide assortments of options from cookies, cake, and the others yummy desserts which are prepared for the adults with liquors and wine. For those who look to prepare the Italian masterpiece for the desserts, you can find some amazing Italian desserts list recipes in this article. 

Italian desserts list: Tiramisu 

As you want to create tiramisu for the dessert. You will need some ingredients. Those are:
  1. two pounds of the mascarpone cheeses 
  2. Lady fingers for about 40
  3. six cups of the Italian coffee
  4. 12 eggs
  5. 24 tablespoon of the sugar 
  6. 6/4 of the Marsala wine
  7. 8 tablespoon of the coca in power form

Once you gather those ingredients, you can start the steps for creating one of this Italian desserts list. 
The steps can be started by using the electric mixer for combining both sugar and egg yolks until that mixture to be fluffy and light. You have to save the egg white for later use on the recipe of this Italian desserts list. Add the mascarpone cheeses and stir that to mixture also. After those ingredients are combined perfectly, you must add six egg whites. Also, add for about 4 tablespoons of the cocoa then mix it. After mixed greatly, you can place half of ingredient to the cake dish. 

Dip the lady finger to the Italian coffee and place those on the top of mascarpone creams. Cover that up with much more contents for creating the layers. For instance, you can create for about two layers or more. As the two layers of the lady fingers have been placed in cake dish, you can spread it with the remaining creams. Sprinkle several cocoa powders on top of creams. Set cake dish to refrigerator for about 24 hours. Then, you can enjoy your creativity for this Italian desserts list. If these Italian desserts list menus are created for your beloved kids, you can substitute Marsala wine with coffee. 

Italian desserts list: the coconut ball cookie 

  1. It is a kind of wonderful dessert cookie that to go with the Italian coffee. This Italian desserts list is truly flavorful and really easy to make. The recipe for this Italian food names include:
  2. 6 large of eggs 
  3. 6 cups of the graham crackers
  4. About 6 cups of the shredded coconuts. For the packaged one is fine
  5. 1/6 cup of the cocoa,
  6. and 3 cups of the sugar

For creating those recipes, you have to firstly combine together sugar and butter in large bowl. Ensure that those have blended well. Add the six eggs and it will be best for adding each of eggs in one at the time and stir it well before adding the next one. Afterward, you have to add 1/6 cups of the cocoa, graham crackers, and also shredded coconuts. Before the graham crackers are added, ensure that those have been crushed. Mix those ingredients of Italian desserts list well perfectly and shape it to be small ball. After it is shaped, refrigerate those about two hours before it is served.

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