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Italian Food Names: The Familiar Lists

When talking about Italian, it will close related with its numerous food names that are also popular around the worlds. In other words, there are lots of people from different country love to eat Italian food. In fact, Italians are well known to take the foods truly seriously. Yet, the lunch hours are most important meals for the day. Usually, it is started by antipasti bites or before the meals such as salad, olives, cheese, and many more. Mostly, the main courses comprise of risotto or pasta. And it will be ended with dessert even also espresso coffee. Truthfully, there are lots of Italian food names that you have to know. Some more familiar lists will be mentioned as follow.

Familiar lists of Italian food names you must try 

For some people, pronounce correctly the Italian foods can be rather difficult to do. The first familiar option for the Italian food names that you must try is caprese salad with pesto sauce. It is a kind of amazing antipasto bites for starting the meal with. The mozzarella cheese and juicy tomatoes are good combination. Moreover, the mozzarella cheese is also added with salad that is topped by pesto sauce that is freshly made.

Panzenella must be the next option of familiar Italian food names. This Italian food names consist of Tuscan bread salad. This meal is ideal for your summer holiday. Truthfully, this meal doesn’t follow the particular recipes but there are two kinds of ingredient which do not change. Those are bread and tomatoes. In other words, you can combine both of those ingredients with the others as what you desire. It is a kind of salad that will be greater as you combine it with the chilled glass of the Prosecco and a plenty of sunshine.

Bruschetta is must to try food from Italian. It is a kind of country bread that sliced and also topped with the different toppings. It can be evergreen tomato basil, inventive mushroom garlic. It is a kind of classic Italian starters. Others Italian food names must be focaccia bread. This food consists of the fresh dough that is topped by caramelized olives, onions, basil leaves, tomato slices, and baked delicious and grated parmesan cheeses.

You probably have heard about pasta carbonara as one of popular Italian food names. It is a kind of simple roman pastas dishes which derive the name from Carbone that means coal. Popularly, it is pasta with coal miner. Actually, original recipes call for the guanciale that is a cheek of pig. But, since this is not available easily, many of chefs cook these Italian food names by using bacon.
Last but not the least, there is also margarita pizza. It is a kind of piping hot pizza that each of you can create this recipe of Italian food names at home. This is known as one of most loved Italian dishes. To complete you daily meals, you can complete those recipes by knowing also the Italian desserts list.

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