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Vetri for the Calmness Choice of Italian Restaurant

When you want to stay in the great Italian restaurant in US, which has the cozy decoration and calm situation, Vetri will be a nice choice for you. It is one of the special Italian restaurant, which will pleasant their customer with the combination of the special decoration and delicious menus. In other hand, Vetri restaurant is one of the exclusive restaurant because it only has around 30-seater. The limited seats do not mean that it has the tight place but in only to keep the comfortable situation in this restaurant. Now, to know more about this restaurant, we will talk some points of it below.

Combination properties for the classical decoration

We all know that Italia is special with its high aesthetic value of art. You can taste the feeling of art in this Vetri. Yes, it is one of the Italian restaurants in US, which use the combination of the special properties inside the restaurant to provide the high aesthetic decoration to pleasant their customer. The wooden floor is accepted to higher the classical sense. In other hand, in its wall, the owner applies the flaxen gold color. With the combination of the flaxen gold color of wall and wooden chair, I am sure that you will find your peacefulness of mind inside the Vetri restaurant!

Great menu for the special moment 

Besides the great decoration, which will make you feel comfort in staying in the restaurant, Vetri is also nice by the kinds of its menus. When you ask about the special menu inside this restaurant, the owner provides the Sole dining offering. To taste this special menu, you need to provide $155 each person. However, you are able to choose the other menus of this restaurant, such as the persimmon crudo, the veal tartar with sweetbreads, some kinds of pasta, and great choices in dessert. You can see the list of the food in order to know the details of it!

Awesome awards of the restaurant

To show the proof that it is one of the recommended restaurant for you, I will show some kinds of the awesome awards for you. I do not you will believe or not but Vetri restaurant becomes the Top 40 restaurant in US since 2005 until 2015, except 2007! The continuity awards show that this restaurant services their customer well! In other hand, in the national level, the government gives the Top 10 Italian Restaurant in US for this restaurant. With all kinds of the awards, I am sure that you will get your best moment in enjoying dinner here.

Based on the explanation above, we all know that Vetri restaurant has the great thing to pleasant you as their customer. Then, what rule do I choose to go there? When you want to go to this restaurant, you can directly drive to 1312 Spruce St. (13th St.) Philadelphia, PA 19107. There are also some mass transportation to help you in going there. When you want to book the private room there, you can call 215-732-3478.

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